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100% Human Russian Hair

Our Remy Russian hair extensions are extremely popular as we only source hair of the highest grade available and find it to be of a very similar structure as Caucasian hair. It is a lovely thickness which is very consistent with most hair types and we provide beautiful and long hair extensions. Our Indian hair will typically last 6-8 months with good care, and our premium Russian hair can last up to 9 months+.

Remy Hair

All our real human hair extensions are strictly Remy cuticle hair. This means that

the hair is collected with all strands running in the same direction (cut from a ponytail), this ensures that the hair cuticle layer is facing the same direction from root to tip just as they do in our natural hair. Great care is taken so that all the cuticles run in the same direction, this greatly reduces tangling and means that it is kept looking and feeling natural. We are confident you will be 100% satisfied with our quality hair.


Ethical Source of Hair Extensions

You can rest assured that when you buy hair extensions from us it is collected in an ethical way. All our Indian hair comes from a practice in India called tonsuring. This is when Hindu devotees offer their hair to temples with the hope of being repaid with blessings and good fortune. The profit the temples make from the hair is used to fund charity programs and improve local infrastructure such as improve roads to the temple.

Many salons use non-remy hair, which comes from the salon floors and hairbrushes of Indian women. This is very poor quality due to the hair cuticle being messed up and facing different directions which will cause knotting once applied as hair extensions. We have close communications with our source so you can have confidence when buying from us that you are only receiving Remy salon hair extensions. Our Russian hair is extremely high quality and is sourced from Eastern Europe in strictly ethical methods only where the donor is paid for their hair.


Double Drawn Quality Hair Extensions

Another very important part of Jimmy Six Hair Supplies’ quality assurance is to ensure all our hair is double drawn. The hair is manually checked for any short hairs. These short hairs are removed to ensure that each hair extension strand is full from the top to the bottom (no thin ends). You would be surprised on how much this improves the completed look, and unlike others we stock double drawn hair at single drawn prices.

The process is performed twice to eliminate any risk of short hairs being missed.

Hair Extension Texture/Style

We have found that the most popular texture for those who our wholesale hair extensions is ‘body wave’. This means that the hair has a lovely loose wave or romance wave. It is a gentle flowing wave and is popular due to it matching most clients hair. The wave also gives the hair more body. This texture is preferred by most clients over straight hair as the body wavestyle will hold a curl extremely well, and can still be styled straight very easily.

Jimmy Six Hair Supplies’ Method

We have expert knowledge about all methods. After years of wearing hair extensions ourselves, we know everything there is to know.

We also offer the traditional tape method as well as the Skin weft tape method (otherwise known as invisible tapes). Skin wefts are hand tied through the weft at the top so there is no front shiny panel that you see in the traditional tape method. This also means the hair can be coloured right to the top making them completely undetectable. These are an advanced option for those who want the very best.

We offer i-tip micro bead extensions complete with non-slip rings.

We also have the weft method available. These can be applied with either micro beads, braids or sewn in. They are one meter wide and are a total weight of 100 grams per set.

Our forth option is temporary one. Our clip in sets are made from the same premium 100% remy Russian hair that we use for our permanent extensions. This means that you can expect your clip in set to last the distance even if you wear them every day. Our clip in sets are 150 grams (a full head and a half) and are double drawn to create an incredibly full look. Available in 9 shades.


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  • Section up and brush hair daily with J’adore extension brush
  • Ensure you use J’adore Hair Care Range at all times! If these products are not used we cannot guarantee the quality of our hair.
  • Never use products containing protein (this can cause tangling/matting and is irreversible even after one use)
  • Concentrate shampoo on the roots only- this will prevent unnecessary knotting and tangling of extensions
  • Apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends only – application to the roots/bonds may cause slipping/movement of extensions
  • Apply J’adore Moroccan Argan oil to midlengths and ends daily, particularly prior to heat styling.
  • Apply regular moisture treatments – (J’adore Intense Moisture Treatment coming soon!)
  • Dry hair gently on low to medium heat
  • Do not lighten the hair, semi permanent colours to be used only to tone or deepen the level
  • Do not sleep with wet hair, always tie in a plait or braid when sleeping
  • Apply a heat protectant before using any thermal styling tools
  • Rinse hair after swimming in pool or salt water
  • Extensions require maintenance every 6-8 weeks – this keeps the clients natural hair safe, damage free and manageable
  • When having tape/skin weft tape extensions applied do not wash or wet hair for at least 48 hours after application to ensure bonds seal securely.

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  • When applying tape/skin weft tape extensions ensure you shampoo your client’s hair twice with deep cleanse/clarifying shampoo and apply no conditioner or leave in products
  • Ensure you educate your client on correct maintenance, which also includes the use of J’adore Hair Care range.
  • Do not attempt to lighten J’adore hair extensions, semi permanent colours to be used only to tone or deepen the level


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